Children’s gaming applications based on augmented reality (AR) technology are about to change the rules of the game for education and learning.

Augmented reality (AR) is a new and exciting technology that enhances our perception of reality by combining real and virtual worlds. The technology augments real-world images such as photos or videos by superimposing extra layers of digital (computer-generated) information.

Augmented reality enables us to look at something through a device that displays additional digital information creating a rich informational and intellectual experience. Recently, augmented reality technology is gaining a lot of attention for use in many applications for gaming, education, healthcare and more.

BIM believes that that the key to developing the younger generation’s intellect and creative imagination, and eventually to new world-changing scientific revolutions, is responsible use of technology in education. This is why the target audience of our applications are children.

Our goal is creating media applications which could make people see their world differently, through intelligent use of technology.